Friday, July 24, 2009

Special Delivery

Ever have someone apologize to you for doing something nice for you? Yeah, me neither. Not until Wednesday. But here in exile things work just a little different. Not bad. As a matter of fact, not bad at all. Just different.

So I ordered a new wireless keyboard and mouse to work with laptop. Of course that raises the question of why do I need a keyboard and mouse when they are typically attached to a laptop. The simple answer to that silly question is because I have turned my beautiful TV into 46” computer monitor and I don't want to sit so close I ruin my eyes. Anyway... I digress.

So my keyboard and laptop arrived when I wasn't home. And when I went to the hub to pick up my package the community manager suddenly looked at me in shock. Normally I do or say something to give this kind of reaction but in this case I was stumped.

Hope: “Oh my god, I am so sorry.”
Me: “Ok... What?” (“Good... aparently the look wasn't my fault.”)
Hope: “ I think I accidentally let someone in your apartment..”
Me: “Ok... When?” (“Ok... I only own one thing I care about in there... I hope my TV is ok.”)
Hope: “ Today. I really didn't mean it.”
Me: “Ok... Why?” (“Nah... I am sure that the TV is ok.”)

So Hope went onto explain how some other person with the name “Greg Sp(something not 'oto') went and moved in above me. (BTW, the guy has really loud feet.) This person went and ordered a cleaning service to clean his apartment. And when the cleaning service came to the office with their permission to enter, Hope said “No... you don't want 245, you want 145.” Apparently they argued. Hope won. And Hope was wrong. Woops!

Hope: “I am so sorry!”
Me: “Let me get this straight... you are apologizing to me because someone other then me cleaned my apartment for free?”
Hope: “Yes.”
Me: “Why?”
Hope: “Well you see he person above you...”
Me: “Yeah, I got that part. Why are you apologizing? I am just happy that I didn't leave my dirty boxers on the floor.”
Hope: “Really? Most people would be upset?”
Me: “Really?”

So later in the day I actually had a chance to enter my apartment. Who ever cleaned my apartment was.... AWESOME! This person not only cleaned everything, but they organized my remotes on my coffee table, took out my trash, folded my laundry that was in the dryer, and they even made my bed. Nobody has made my bed for me since grade school!!!!

I called the office today to ask them to please continue to make mistakes... but if they could warn me ahead of time I would leave a tip.


  1. Maybe next week, the office manager can convince the cleaners that they should be going to PA, not CA and clean our place.

  2. Happy clean apartment! You are the only person I know who actually had the cleaning fairies come to your place!!! I just knew they were out there...

    Love the blog - nice to know what you're up to. Thanks for the congrats on the engagement!