Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Beginning

Answering the question so many have asked: Why are you in Exile?
The Answer: For a statistically significant part of the last year I have been asked to help with Lockheed Martin's efforts here in San Jose. To say things were not going well here is akin to saying the pope is a little bit Catholic. To explain why would be a WHOLE other blog. I was here so much that the state of California decided to take income taxes from me! Every time I got sent out here it was like a week from hell. On top of the 15 hour days I never had a desk to call my own, a phone that could accept outside calls, access to my cell phone, and limited access to a regular vanilla computer. Needless to say I began to feel a little cut off.

Then in May the big one hit. I was in sort of an emotional time, and then I literally got stranded out here. A three day trip turned into a "we don't know when we can send you home' trip.
Here's how that conversation went:

The Boss: "Spoto, when are you flying home?"
Spoto: "I am booked on the red eye tonight."
The Boss: "Not anymore."
Spoto: "Ok, when should I reschedule. "
The Boss: "Not tonight."

Seven days later I got to return home. Seven days and 120 hours of work hell. I actually slept at a desk! The company bought me clothes!! Twice my bags were packed and in the car only for me to check back into a hotel later that night. And we got screwed by our customer. This was the book end to what could have been the worst 3 months I have had since 1997.

So my next trip was PLANNED to be 10 days. Expecting no better a life I started the My Life In Exile posts.

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  1. No access to a cell phone? Are you a S.C.I.F. Monkey?